a podcast about robots and feminism but mostly robots

ep.10 09.10.2015

Marrying an Amazon Drone

Alex and Savannah talk about sex with robots. :|

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ep.9 08.6.2015

Putting the Humans Out to Pasture

Savannah and Alex discuss CPG Grey’s video, “Humans Needs Not Apply.” They accept their fate as horses.

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ep.8 08.6.2015

Did Elon Musk Kill Hitchbot?

Savannah and Alex are pretty bummed about the demise of Hitchbot and wonder why people are terrible.

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ep.7 07.30.2015

We'll All Die. Either Way, It's Fine.

Alex and Savannah discuss whether or not we’re abusing the way we use robotics, AI, and Smart Fridges.

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ep.6 07.23.2015

The Vulva Desert Ladies

Alex and Savannah talk about Furiousa’s cool arm (that is literally used to destroy the patriarchy) in Mad Max: Fury Road.

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ep.5 07.17.2015

Problematic But Cool

Alex and Savannah discuss our favorite internet neighbors, TWITTER BOTS!

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