a podcast about robots and feminism but mostly robots

ep.24 12.8.2016

A team of Badass Lady Scientists

Alex and Savannah talk with Maria Ranahan LIVE at the Chicago Podcast Festival.

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ep.23 11.8.2016

Robot Revolution with Adrian Choy

Alex and Savannah talk with lead robot specialist Adrian Choy about Robot Revolution, our favorite traveling exhibit.

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ep.21 08.17.2016

Having Your Clit Stabbed for All Eternity

Alex and Savannah performed during the Postloudness hosted episode of Your Stories, one of their favorite storytelling podcasts!

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ep.20 05.26.2016

ALLO, We're Back

Alex and Savannah discuss Google iO’s AI-like announcements: Allo, Google Home, and a pizza place in Chicago.

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ep.19 01.28.2016

Stop Making Robots Walk Off of Tables

This week, Alex and Savannah just request you stop intentionally forcing robots to fall down.

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